Sunday, February 08, 2009

Trip to Philly

This weekend we went on trip to Philadelphia looking for more donations of used skateboarding equipment. Philly has a great vibe... love it!

On Friday we visit Bainbridge Skateboard Shop were we talk to Ceazar who will post our poster an hopefully will help us out. Then we went looking for some mural spots for summer, but that's for our next project (top secret!).

Saturday morning we stared the day with the best cappuccino coffee at a small shop owned buy the nicest man in Philly, which is located in front of Nocturnal. OMG! I could say that's life: a good coffee shop in front of a skate shop. I guess Sofia is falling in love with Philly already (sorry for that girly moment)... ok, back to work...

In the afternoon we walk into Nocturnal, really cool shop with a huge selection of decks, shoes and clothing. Braxton, manager of Nocturnal Skateshop, was kinda busy with the locals, but we were lucky to chat a bit with him about our Skate My Patria proposal. He was great, appreciated our poster and told us to count with them for a donation before the end of the month. Yeah! It seems like we are starting to meet wonderful people that believe in our humanitarian art project in Cuba, even thou we are living in hard economic times. Also we must thanks Anabelle Rodriguez and Sebastian our tour guides around this great city.

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