Thursday, February 19, 2009

"the CRATE"

Today we woke up early... Jorge cooked breakfast for us, then he went to the post-office. One hour later Priscila and I walk down our hood to meet him at Home Depot. It was a sunny and warmer day. Our mission today was to build the crate for the shipment to Cuba. So we bought wood panels, screws, and other materials. We cut the wood panels at Home Depot were they did a pretty crazy job, so our crate is gonna end kinda funky looking. Then a rastaman help us to transport all the wood to the house... yep! he had some good vibes in his truck.

Jorge (from Los Vigilantes) helping to built the crate...
we haven't made it without him.

Priscila says, "Baby, what you doing there?"

I thinks this crate is almost done, we just need to fill it with all our donations and paints!

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