Sunday, February 15, 2009

New friend in tha house...

Yo! Chris Pastras is a very enthusiastic person an a great skater that we admire. We were so delighted to receive his email saying that we was willing to collaborate with the project. His been down to Cuba a few times and he knows what the situation is for our fellow skater friends.

Also, last Saturday, after buying all sorts of phone cards I was able to call Che, our boy down in the island. Che has been helping very much. He said that the guys mostly needed boards, because is the thing that breaks the most and that clothing was not that important. It seems that the Cuban skaters are not so into clothing, for them brands are not that important. They just want to ride all day long... and maybe go to the beach afterwards. Well, we will see what they are all about. I kinda like that anti-consumerism statement, is an ideal that we have lost here in the states.

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