Monday, March 09, 2009


This past Sunday, the morning after a happy Saturday nite, we met Jahmal at KCDC... Yo! Last night everybody was in party mode, Williamsburg was pack, the beer at KCDC's art show run out super fast, all the art fairs had after parties, the girls could finally wear mini-skits in high hills! We got to see a real ice from Alaska... what?!?... and all our good friends: Scotty, the KCDC crew, Amy, Rob Campbell, Alex Corporan, Rodney Torres, Luis Tolentino, Melisa, Keigo, and others.

Big props to our friend Jahmal, who donated: 2 snickers (Etnies + Nike sb), 4 hats, 6 Hopps t-shirts, 5 grip tapes (we needed this so badly!).

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